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According to search engine optimization (SEO) industry leader Rand Fishkin with MOZ, what most marketing writers have learned about SEO is out-of-date and could result in a website getting penalized by Google (= lower search engine ranking). We help your business rank higher on Google through organic search by: including links to your content within the articles we write for you and including top ranking keywords. You want to be talking about what your target market is searching for on a daily/nightly basis. Don’t let your website fall behind in searches.



Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter these days. And your schedule as a business owner is getting more full and hectic. You don’t have time to write eye-catching tweets and Facebook posts, so why don’t you let us take over for you? When you work with Good Copy on your social media campaigns, you also get strategy ideas, such as promotional tips and ways to get your content out there more share-worthy.



When sending out email blasts to your customers, whether they are B2B, B2C or B2G, they don’t want spam and they don’t have a lot of time to read your content. With simple, clear and to-the-point writing for your marketing emails, Good Copy produces engaging content for your campaigns. We specialize in call-to-actions that are relevant and enticing your readers to click and learn, as HubSpot encourages.


Whether you are advertising on Pandora and need a script written or need some engaging content for a banner ad, Good Copy’s got you. We write to your target audience and keep your tone fun and conversational, while staying on point. Good Copy helps you create advertising copy that you love and your customers love, too.


You may wonder how we ever lived with the Yellow Pages instead of the Internet. Many people can still hear the horrible, screeching sound of dial-up in their nightmares. The Internet is now so apart of our everyday lives, that we forget it wasn’t always at our fingertips. You need landing pages with copywriting that very clearly outlines your business goals and how you help customers. What is the problem your company solves and how? This needs to be above the fold, with writing that keeps your leads learning more about you.


The way of sending out press releases, like SEO, is always changing. The founder of Good Copy Rebecca Barnes has had press releases published on sites using services, such as MarketWired. What services like these can’t do, though, is make them worth reading. Pushing out press releases and pitches to the world that are fun, creative or highly-engaging means more people are reading and wanting to find out more about your business.


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