Hire the Right Writer

There seems to be no shortage of writers on the Internet and they tend to also have a vast range of titles: content marketing, content specialist, freelance writer, copywriter... the list goes on and on. As a writer myself, I have been guilty of not knowing when to use them. And honestly, when looking at what other writers call themselves and the definitions that exist out there, it only gets more confusing.

I started a post on LinkedIn and got a lot more feedback than I was expecting on how those in the writing world define what they do on a daily basis. There were some general ideas agreed upon, however it was interesting to see what the writers call themselves, from content creator to all encompassing freelance writer. Writers can often wear many hats, so it's a challenge coming up with a title that defines everything we do.

It's also a challenge to find new clients when we don't know exactly which of the many definitions Human Resource employees and hiring managers are searching for on LinkedIn. Should my profile include copy or content writer? For SEO purposes, we tend to add them both and a bunch of keywords to our profiles.

If you need to hire a writer for your business or company, and you aren't a writer yourself, then you might be a little intimidated by the community. You might be thinking any definition of the titles above would be helpful, or at least ones that are commonly approved by the industry. On the journey to hiring the copywriter that's the right fit for your brand and the type of content your company needs written, these definitions should give you some clarity and get you started on your search:

Copywriter: Writes the advertising copy you see in print ads, social media ads, or radio and TV scripts for commercials or publicity materials.

Content Creator and Content Specialist: Handles all types of marketing content: Email marketing, website development, social media posts, articles and blogs optimized for SEO and maybe even some advertising copy.

Content Marketer: Specializes in writing articles or blogs for corporate sites on new products or services to help their SEO.

Ghost Writer: Writes any kind of content above and also may write books, including eBooks, but usually does not get any name recognition for it. For example, many celebrity books have been ghostwritten by someone else and sometimes, like Chip and Joanna Gaines, they will put the author's name on it.

Freelance Writer: Does all of the above, while also possibly being a journalist and writing content for magazines, news media publications or trade journals.

If you're a freelance writer and have some input on what you call yourself and why, I would like to hear it!

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Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels.